Tuesday, March 9, 2010


You can all guess what this is about. FINAL FANTASY XIII!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!! -screams like a banshee and thrashes around, barely missing my XBOX 360- oops, almost hit Baby. -cuddles the 360 and glares at all the happy gamers holding copies of the coveted RPG-


All craziness aside, I have a boyfriend again. Yay! I am not lonely!!! ^^

I'm also debating going on the Pill......maybe when my boyfriend gets back we can go get it together?

I have no idea ^^;

Today was craziness. I texted my boyfriend ALL DAY. This one hypocrite told me to put the phone away when class was over and I was just texting in the band room minding my business. It wasn't like we were doing anything anymore. I used to be part of his group and everything, but now I realize how judgemental and hypocritical they all are. So I am going to have a smaller friend group from now on. I am sick of the drama, pain, and hurt feelings from being left out. So I TURN MY BACKS ON YOU, YOU LOUSY HYPOCRITES!!!!! I HOPE YOU DIE.....er....HAVE A LOUSY LIFE WITHOUT ME!!! WHO NEEDS YOU!!!!

Er...I am a a bit insane today.

Lots of Love!!!!



If you have a spare copy of XIII, hand it to me, plx?

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