Monday, February 8, 2010

Dirty Dancing

Today was crazy! Holy fuck I did some crazy things. First off, the weekend was kickass[thank you wartburg!]. I have to thank my kind roommate for being my second mother over the weekend and taking me to do shit and putting up with my confusedness. Second, there is this insane blizzard outside. Man, God must be really hating this fucked up world. I got out of school FIVE hours early. I could have stayed home because I skipped half my shit anyway, but I came anyway for Algebra II. I was there for maybe forty five minutes? I really, really REALLY wish that we didn't have school..but then again I don't want to be in my desk til June.

Next on my agenda. Ke$ha. she is such a fucking dirty whore. But her music brainwashes me until I am a dirty-whore-dancing Ke$ha zombie! Techno scares me but I must listen. scary scary!

I should probably post some poetry soon too. And watch anime. That's always good. Must not click youtube for more Ke$ha!!!!! Her songs are making me dance like a god damn whore!!

Dirty Dancin' til the Day I Die,


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