Monday, February 22, 2010

The Guy Who Shall Take Me To Prom

In creative writing again. I forgot my fucking flash drive so I'm just gonna work on my blog. Today seems to be going by smoothly. My friends decided to ask people to prom for me, so now guess what? I have a date. He's okay, I guess. I was just hoping to go with another guy who only says hi to me but does it in an intense way, like he's trying to understand who exactly I am, what I want to be. His eyes are framed with incredibly dark, long lashes and are extremely dark too. He has blondish hair and he likes anime and stuff like I do.

But the thing is, I asked him out earlier this year and his friends fucked it up, so I don't want anything to happen like that again!!!! Do I just leave things lie and go with this guy that my friends set up for me, or suck it up and ask this guy that I might have a second chance with? Why does my life have to be so dramatic?

Okay, so let's backtrack. I haven't posted in forever! My apologies! I have been busy with friends and such. I haven't been in front of a computer since Thursday =/. Last weekend was FUN. I pretty much spent it all with my friend playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and styling James's hair. He got it cut by his mom that day too! We also did makeovers and made kissy lipstick marks all over the mirror. Fun times.

Sunday I slept. And slept. Then ate a makeshift supper. Then did dishes. Then watched the olympics. Then read until 12 AM.

I am a crazy person.

Anyways, life is being shitty for me. Too much drama. Too much stuff to do. Too much pressure from the parents. I JUST WANT A FUCKING BREAK!!!!!! Can I just get the guy I want for once? Can I have friends who don't fight with each other all the time? Can I have parents who will let me go someplace fun and new and interesting?

Obviously not.

So! Question and answer time! Ask me some questions, and I will answer them in the next post!!

Ask a LOT of them! :D

Love Always,


P.S. I'm badass in my leather jacket.