Monday, February 15, 2010


Why is it that talking to the people we love is harder than talking to complete strangers? I've been running from so many things, so many problems, yet I address them by making online friends and reveling in anime episodes. My mom and dad are disappointed in me, I know, but I can't stop. My online friends understand me more than some of my real life friends. I wish I could find some great people in my area to spend time and confide in. I have a best friend and a guy who loves me, but I need others to turn to.

Sometimes I wish that love would be simpler. That you would realize it faster than it hitting you in the freaking face when you least expect it. There's also many different kinds of love. Respect love, hate-love, romance love, lust love, friendship love, family love. What if the world was so full of love that we could just stop killing ourselves with pain and hatred, that we stopped all the emotional problems. What if the drunk man wasn't drunk? What if the sad child actually had a father who hadn't run away?

So many questions to answer. So many reasons why the world is so fucked up.



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